Heating & Cooling Heat Pump

Heating & Cooling Heat Pump

Heating and cooling heat pumps offer an energy-efficient alternative to furnaces and air conditioning in all climates. Air to water heat pumps are very efficient heating and cooling systems that can dramatically reduce your energy costs.

Ductless heat pump systems are sized to meet the heating and cooling needs of individual zones in the home. There is a great deal of flexibility when it comes to system sizing as one indoor unit can provide between ¾ and 2 ½ tons of heating/cooling depending on its BTU capacity rating. Some common capacities for indoor units are 9k, 12k, 18k, 24k, and 30k BTU. Outdoor units are sized to meet the combined load of all heating/cooling zones. More than one outdoor unit may be necessary for multi-zone systems.

Ducted heat pumps have an integrated backup heat source, and are designed to meet the needs of heating the whole house. The ducts are sized to ensure efficient heat distribution throughout.

DC Inverter Heating & Cooling Heat Pump

With the advanced DC inverter and EVI technology, can save 80% heating cost compare with the traditional heating device like gas/fuel boiler and electrical heater. It heats fast and works perfectly with the radiator and floor heater to provide a comfortable living environment even in very cold winter.

1) Twin rotary compressor with inverter control – DC inverter technology control the heat pump output according to the household's energy requirements. Low waste of the power!
2) R410a refrigerant, environmentally friendly – Green energy, no CO2 emissions.
3) Intelligent controller and LCD displaying.
4) Safely operation with multi-protections.
5) Electronic Expansion Value allows the accurate refrigerant go through under different working conditions. So it ensures that the heat pump can work with high efficiency to provide enough cooling/heating capacity in any conditions.
6) Hydrophilic coating air exchanger and SWEP plate heat exchanger all available.
7) Auto defrosting function.
8) Convenient for installation and maintenance.

Galvanized metal cabinet or stainless steel cabinet all available.
R410a, R22, R407c refrigerant is available.

EVI Cold Climate Heating & Cooling Heat Pump

EVI compressor special designed for high water temperature.
Water exchanger equipped with high efficiency tube in shell heat exchanger
Intelligent controller and adjustment by quick mind microprocessor.
Automatic defrosting function included (With reverse valve inside).
Can be used for floor heating, fan coils, water heaters and also modern radiators.

1) Heating Capacity range: 9kW, 14kW,17KW, 32kW, 45kW, 65kW,75kW.90KW,150KW
2) Copeland EVI compressor and Schneider electrical components.
3) Working ambient temperature down to -30℃.
4) Automatically defrosting.
5) Intelligent controller and adjustment by microprocessor.
6) High efficiency tube in shell heat exchanger.
7) Match with floor heating, fan coils, and Central AC function.
Galvanized metal cabinet or stainless steel cabinet.
Refrigerant: R22 and R407C and R410a is possible.

Commercial & Residential Heating & Cooling Heat Pump

Air to water heat pumps are very effective for heating and cooling modern residential and commercial spaces, and can be used with fan coils, radiators, and floor heating. Suitable for commercial applications such as schools, hospitals, factories, offices, and shopping malls.

1) Working ambient range: -15℃~45℃
2) Heating capacity: 9kw, 14kw, 18kw, 24kw, 34kw, 43kw, 85kw
3) Panosonic/Rotary, Copeland/scroll Compressor
4) High efficiency: COP up to 4.1
5) Refrigerant: R410a

Heat Pump Services We Offer


Provide free consulting services and provide customized heat pump system solutions according to customer needs.


Provide customers with a complete heat pump system design package, including structural, piping and equipment drawings.


Our sales team will be happy to develop a custom detailed quote for your heat pump system solution and provide high quality heat pump system products.


Free installation training and after-sales technical service for customers


OEM/ODM services is avilable. Custmization services is avilable.

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Our Commercial Heat Pump Solution Cases



Where can we use Greatpool air source heat pumps?

Because Air source heat pump save energy around 70%, ( EVI heat pump and central cooling & heating heat pump ) is widely used in home heating, hotels hot water & heating, restaurants, hospitals, schools, bath center, residential central heating, and hot water plants, etc.

What is the daily heat pump production of Greatpool?

One day produce heat pump water heater around 150~255 PCS/day.

What Greatpool do for their agent/distributor/OEM /ODM?

Greatpool offers sales training, heat pump & solar air conditioner product training, After-sales service training, maintenance machine training, big air chiller, or heating project design case training, inside parts exchange training, and test training.

What Greatpool offers to its business partners?

Greatpool offers 1%~2% free spare parts according to order quantity.
Offer whole this district market exclusive sales right.
Offer rebate as this district agent sales amount within one year.
Offer the best competitive price & repair parts.
Offer 24 hours online service.

How about the shipment method?

DHL, UPS, FEDEX, SEA (usually)

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