Heat Pump Water Heater

Heat Pump Water Heater

Heat pump water heaters absorb heat from the air and transfer it to water. It provides sanitary hot water for commercial and domestic use. More efficient, more environmentally friendly, and more suitable for homes.

All-In-One Residential Water Heater Heat Pump

An All-In-One integrated heat pump water heater combines a heat pump and a hot water storage tank into one stylish unit, which is more space-saving. Consumes 70-80% less electricity than traditional electric water heaters. Designed for sanitary hot water needs for both kitchen and bathroom applications. Up to 200-liter capacity heat pump provides uninterrupted hot water for the home.

1) Panosonic rotary type Famous compressor, low vibration, low noise and high reliability.
2) Fast water heating up to 70℃.
3) Enamel water tank,decontamination anti-scaling 20 years lifetime.
4) Easiest installing, IPX4 safety,Water and electricity separation .
5) Touch screen intelligent control, easy to operate.
6) Smart control system, Electric heating function.
7) Powder coated & Stainless Steel housing for options.

Optional: R410a, R134a, R407c refrigerant is available.

Mini Split Domestic Heat Pump Water Heater With Water Tank

Domestic hot water heat pumps use outdoor air to provide domestic hot water for showers and sinks. This system is ideal for homes with or without space heating (radiators/heat pump convectors). Combining a heat pump with a hot water storage tank reduces the electricity required to produce domestic hot water by up to 70% compared to conventional water heaters. Produces hot water almost instantly, without the need for additional electricity for water disinfection cycles. The split heat pump has a separate, larger compressor that produces hot water faster.

1) Mitsubishi or Panasonic Rotary type compressor, low vibration, low noise and high reliability.
2) Polyurethane insulated water tank.
3) Intelligent EE valve, excellent efficiency at different ambient temperature.
4) Built-in famous water pump.
5) Innovative W-A-R( Water, Air, Refrigerant) technology, higher efficiency up to COP 4.5.

Optional: R410a, R134a, R407c refrigerant is available.

Commercial Heat Pump Water Heater

Commercial heat pump water heaters provide commercial hot water supply solutions for businesses, including residential areas, factories, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, gyms, etc.

1) Copeland scroll compressor, quiet and high efficiency.
2) High efficiency heat exchanger.
3) 600 stage adjustment precision electronic expansion valve.
4) Schneider electrical components.
5) Intelligent controlling system.
6) Intelligent EE valve, excellent efficiency at different ambient temp.
7) EVI technology, low working temperature range -30℃-43℃.
8) Automatically defrosting.
9) Easy installation and LCD operation.
Optional: R410a, R22, R407c refrigerant is available.

High Temperature Heat Pump Water Heater

High temperature heat pump water heaters have an outlet water temperature of up to 80°C and are mainly suitable for commercial and industrial applications.

1) Intelligent control: Micro processor based digital controller with LCD display.
2) Durable-more than 15 year's life time.
3) Adjustable water temperature setting: 25℃-85℃.
4) EVI Scroll compressor specially designed for high water temperature heat pump.
5) ECO-friendly refrigerant R134a.
6) High efficiency tube-in- shell water heat exchanger.
7) Easy installation and operation.

Direct heating / Circulation heating type
Titanium Tube Heat Exchanger / stainless Steel Heat Exchanger
R410a, R22, R407c refrigerant is available.

EVI Cold Climate Heat Pump Water Heater

EVI Cold Climate Heat Pump Water Heater Using Copeland EVI compressor and automatic defrost technology, it can work stably at -30℃, which is especially suitable for hot water supply systems in cold areas.

1) Copeland EVI compressor and Schneider electrical components.
2) Working ambient temperature down to -30 ℃.
3) Automatically defrosting.
4) Intelligent controller and adjustment by microprocessor.
5) High efficiency tube in shell heat exchanger.
6) Easy installation and operation

* Galvanized metal cabinet stainless steel cabinet.
* Refrigerant: R22 and R407C and R410a.

Optional: R410a, R134a, R407c refrigerant is available.

Installation Service

installation of heat pump water heater-3-min.
installation of heat pump water heater-7-min.
installation of heat pump water heater-4-min.
installation of heat pump water heater-9-min.
installation of heat pump water heater-2-min.
installation of heat pump water heater-10-min.
installation of heat pump water heater-5-min.
installation of heat pump water heater-8-min.

Heat Pump Services We Offer


Provide free consulting services and provide customized heat pump system solutions according to customer needs.


Provide customers with a complete heat pump system design package, including structural, piping and equipment drawings.


Our sales team will be happy to develop a custom detailed quote for your heat pump system solution and provide high quality heat pump system products.


Free installation training and after-sales technical service for customers


OEM/ODM services is avilable. Custmization services is avilable.

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Our Commercial Heat Pump Solution Cases



Where can we use Greatpool air source heat pumps?

Because Air source heat pump save energy around 70%, ( EVI heat pump and central cooling & heating heat pump ) is widely used in home heating, hotels hot water & heating, restaurants, hospitals, schools, bath center, residential central heating, and hot water plants, etc.

What is the daily heat pump production of Greatpool?

One day produce heat pump water heater around 150~255 PCS/day.

What Greatpool do for their agent/distributor/OEM /ODM?

Greatpool offers sales training, heat pump & solar air conditioner product training, After-sales service training, maintenance machine training, big air chiller, or heating project design case training, inside parts exchange training, and test training.

What Greatpool offers to its business partners?

Greatpool offers 1%~2% free spare parts according to order quantity.
Offer whole this district market exclusive sales right.
Offer rebate as this district agent sales amount within one year.
Offer the best competitive price & repair parts.
Offer 24 hours online service.

How about the shipment method?

DHL, UPS, FEDEX, SEA (usually)

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