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Greatpool is a professional manufacturer of ON/OFF heat pumps, DC inverter heat pumps, air source heat pumps, swimming pool heat pumps, high-temperature heat pumps, and all kinds of heat pumps.

An air source heat pump (ASHP, or air to water heat pump) is a type of heat pump that can absorb heat from outside a structure and release it inside using the same vapor-compression refrigeration process and much the same equipment as air conditioners but used in the opposite direction. Unlike an air conditioning unit, most ASHPs are reversible and are able to either warm or cool buildings and also provide domestic hot water.

In a typical setting, an ASHP can gain 4 kWh thermal energy from 1 kWh electric energy. They are optimized for flow temperatures between 30 and 40°C (86–104°F) suitable for well insulated buildings. With losses in efficiency, an ASHP can even offer a full central heating solution with a flow temperature up to 80 °C (176 °F).

Air to water heat pumps provide efficient commercial and residential heating, cooling, and hot water supply solutions. Heat in cold weather, cool in hot weather, while providing hot water for domestic , commercial and industrial use. Such as homes, house, offices, gyms, hotels, factories, shools, hospitals, etc. More economical and energy efficient.

Heat Pump Services We Offer


Provide free consulting services and provide customized heat pump system solutions according to customer needs.


Provide customers with a complete heat pump system design package, including structural, piping and equipment drawings.


Our sales team will be happy to develop a custom detailed quote for your heat pump system solution and provide high quality heat pump system products.


Free installation training and after-sales technical service for customers


OEM/ODM services is avilable. Custmization services is avilable.

5 Main Heat Pump Products & Systems

Multi Function Heat Pump-min

Multi Function Heat Pump

Heating & Cooling
How Water Supply
3 in 1 Heat Pump

Heating & Cooling Heat Pump-min

Heating & Cooling Heat Pump

Commercial & Residential
High-Efficiency Compressor
Eco-Friendly Refrigerants

Heat Pump Water Heater-min

Heat Pump Water Heater

Commercial & Residential
Fast Water Heating
Low Noise, High Reliability

Swimming Pool & Spa Heat Pump-min

Swimming Pool & Spa Heat Pump

Inground & Above Ground Pool
Fiberglass, Vinyl liner, Concrete Pool
Inflatable Pool, Spa, Hot Tub

Ice Bath Chiller-min

Ice Bath Chiller

Easy to Use Drain System
High Efficiency
Outdoor, Hotel, Commercial, Household

Why Choose Our Heat Pump


Adopt air source heat pump technology, not use hidden troubles created by electric heating and combustible gas for heating, separate water and electrics, safety is the greatest wealth for our life.

Energy saving up to 80%

Air source heat pump heats by absorbing the free energy surrounding air, without any waste emission, high efficiency and energy saving up to 80% compared with the traditional electric heating mode.

Environmental protection

Heat comes from air for free of charge, no exhaust gas produced, use air source heat pump water heater and reduce CO2 emission and save the liquid gas and electricity source. Protecting ecological sustainable development heat pump technology.

Intelligent control without special maintenance

The heat pump equipment can realize automatic control without special maintenance, which saves the extra cost of manual maintenance.

Convenient installation

The installation site of the heat pump is convenient, so long as the air is fully flowing, such as the external wall, the roof or indoor.


24 hour unlimited central hot water system and floor radiant heating more comfortable for human body to supply a high quality life.

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Greatpool 16 Intelligent Protection Functions

16 intelligent protection functions-min

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Our Commercial Heat Pump Solution Cases



Where can we use Greatpool air source heat pumps?

Because Air source heat pump save energy around 70%, ( EVI heat pump and central cooling & heating heat pump ) is widely used in home heating, hotels hot water & heating, restaurants, hospitals, schools, bath center, residential central heating, and hot water plants, etc.

What is the daily heat pump production of Greatpool?

One day produce heat pump water heater around 150~255 PCS/day.

What Greatpool do for their agent/distributor/OEM /ODM?

Greatpool offers sales training, heat pump & solar air conditioner product training, After-sales service training, maintenance machine training, big air chiller, or heating project design case training, inside parts exchange training, and test training.

What Greatpool offers to its business partners?

Greatpool offers 1%~2% free spare parts according to order quantity.
Offer whole this district market exclusive sales right.
Offer rebate as this district agent sales amount within one year.
Offer the best competitive price & repair parts.
Offer 24 hours online service.

How about the shipment method?

DHL, UPS, FEDEX, SEA (usually)

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