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GREATPOOL offers a wide range of consulting services with comprehensive assistance for design, pool equipment supply and construction technical assistance. Our experienced team allow us to offer a offer a whole solution on pool design, construction, post-construction, equipment installation and performance configuration,project bidding and pre-design services.

Selecting the right designs, systems and construction methods is what we can do for you pool project!

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Designed completed pool solution for you

If you select GREATPOOL,Your ideas and goals are the point from which our team will work from.

Over the past 25 years, we have accumulated rich experience in the manufacturing of swimming pool equipment and technical experience in swimming pool projects. According to the architectural design drawings you send, we provide a one-stop solution for the in-depth design of the swimming pool, equipment supporting and technical installation. Let you Easily and efficiently build swimming pools with masons, plumbers, etc., while reducing swimming pool construction costs.

Steps To Implement A Pool Service

STEP 1: Send your architectural design drawings to us

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An exchange of ideas is essential.your answers will enable us to identify your requirements and your desires for your pool project.

We ask you to send us a plan of the site, as well as photos of the site and views of the land and house. Following this, we will send you a detailed proposal for collaboration with our fees quote.

STEP 2: We will make related pool drwings for you

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Pipeline embedding drawings

On the floor plan of the swimming pool, we will mark out the various fittings of the swimming pool and the different pipeline layouts of the machine room in detail.

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Equipment room layout

This is the core of your installation. The installation drawing designed according to the precise size of the machine room shows all the pipes, necessary valves and equipment in the machine room. The necessary valves are provided and their locations are clearly marked. Plumbers only need to carry out construction and installation in accordance with the design drawings.

Get started today!

Whether we provide the initial design or work with existing ideas, GREATPOOL provides an unprecedented continuity of service, which will save your time and money.

STEP 3: We can offer equipment material list and quotation

Pool equipment configuration

For the specific conditions of each region, we will provide a list of equipment that is most suitable for the local area and is based on environmental protection, energy saving, and cost-effectiveness.

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Pool Equipment Systems

We are an equipment manufacturer and have a price advantage of high-quality products that local contractors do not have.

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Circulation system

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Filtration system

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Heating system

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Waterpark system

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Sauna system

STEP4: We can give you construction and installation technical guidance

Our team has project managers with more than 18 years of construction experience to follow up the project and provide technical guidance

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FAQ about the swimming pool service

Why look for the help of Great pool?

We share our expertise with our customers, combined with the most advanced equipment and technology in the swimming pool industry. This is our 25 years of experience in the swimming pool industry. In addition, the program design we provide can make workers all over the world easily understand and directly implement it. We believe that you will appreciate our solution.

What do you need to estimate your cost?

After the first contact, we ask you to send us a topographic map of the plot and, if possible, photos of the scenery of your house, plot and pool area. You also need to confirm the required pool size and depth and the options you want. Within 72 hours, we will send you an email detailing each assignment and the amount of our fees.

What services can we provide?

We can provide pool design drawings, pool equipment supply, installation technical guidance.

Do you have to accept all our services?

Absolutely not. Our service: design drawings. Equipment list. Installation Technical guidance. According to your needs, you can choose required one by yourself.

How long does it take to complete the design?

This of course depends on our workload, but the average time frame is 10 to 20 days after we get your consent for the concept plan.

If the program design is satisfied, what should I do next?

Our design drawings allow you to build swimming pools alone or with artisans. But if you need, our company's technical team can also go to the site to guide the installation of equipment.

where do I buy equipment and materials?

According to our drawings, we will provide you with a list of filter materials and equipment. At the same time, we will give you a quotation of our equipment. You can also buy it locally. The choice is yours

how to find a workers?

We can help to get in touch with the workers in your area, ask them for a quotation according to the design plan, and send their suggestions to you after checking the quotation. But the final choice is yours.

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