Multi Function Heat Pump

Multi Function Heat Pump

Hot Water & Room Heating & Room Cooling

DC Inverter Heating & Cooling & DHW 3 in 1 Heat Pump

DC inverter multi function heat pumps provide efficient commercial and residential heating, cooling, and hot water supply solutions. Heat in cold weather, cool in hot weather, while providing hot water for domestic and commercial use.

More economical and energy efficient.

DC inverter technology

GREATPOOL three core inverter subversive technologies, adopts international brand and high-efficiency DC inverter compressor and brushless DC motor, which combined with full DC controlling, assures the motor speed and refrigerant flow can be adjusted in real time according to the changes of the environment and ensures the system can also provide powerful heating under servere cold climate of -30 C.

Product Specifications

  1. Hot water heating capacity:  8-50kW
  2. Heating capacity(A7w35):  6-45kW
  3. Cooling capacity (A35W7): 5-35kW
  4. Temp. range of domestic hot water:  40℃~55℃
  5. Temp. range of heating water outlet:  25℃~58℃
  6. Temp. range of cooling water outlet:  5℃~25℃
  7. Water yield:  1.38-8.6m³/h
  8. COP:  Up to 4.6
  9. Compressor:  Panasonic/GMCC,DC inverter twin rotary
  10. Water side heat exchanger:  Hydrophilic aluminum foil fin heat exchanger
  11. Power supply:  220V-240/50Hz、380V-415V~3N/50Hz
  12. Ambient temp. range:  -35℃~+45℃
  13. Refrigerant:  R32
  14. Nos. of Fan:  1-2
  15. Air discharge type:  Side / Top discharge

Heat Pump Services We Offer


Provide free consulting services and provide customized heat pump system solutions according to customer needs.


Provide customers with a complete heat pump system design package, including structural, piping and equipment drawings.


Our sales team will be happy to develop a custom detailed quote for your heat pump system solution and provide high quality heat pump system products.


Free installation training and after-sales technical service for customers


OEM/ODM services is avilable. Custmization services is avilable.

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Our Commercial Heat Pump Solution Cases



Where can we use Greatpool air source heat pumps?

Because Air source heat pump save energy around 70%, ( EVI heat pump and central cooling & heating heat pump ) is widely used in home heating, hotels hot water & heating, restaurants, hospitals, schools, bath center, residential central heating, and hot water plants, etc.

What is the daily heat pump production of Greatpool?

One day produce heat pump water heater around 150~255 PCS/day.

What Greatpool do for their agent/distributor/OEM /ODM?

Greatpool offers sales training, heat pump & solar air conditioner product training, After-sales service training, maintenance machine training, big air chiller, or heating project design case training, inside parts exchange training, and test training.

What Greatpool offers to its business partners?

Greatpool offers 1%~2% free spare parts according to order quantity.
Offer whole this district market exclusive sales right.
Offer rebate as this district agent sales amount within one year.
Offer the best competitive price & repair parts.
Offer 24 hours online service.

How about the shipment method?

DHL, UPS, FEDEX, SEA (usually)

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