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Swimming Pool Drawings Design

Why make swimming pool drawings

Swimming pool design regulations are very necessary for swimming pool construction, and it can even be said to be indispensable.

Usually, architects, general contractors or pool builders only provide rough pool plans to their clients. Therefore, the construction of the swimming pool can only be done by the general contractor. In this way, you cannot have too many choices in terms of construction methods, materials and equipment. You have to pay for your pool construction budget at the contractor's price.

However, in GREATPOOL you can control your pool project budget through the drawings we make for you. This of course requires you to spend some time communicating, but we can assure you that it is worth it.
Keep reading and we will explain to you how to participate and what you can get from it.

First, we will provide you with a complete set of drawings for the implementation of the project. You are worried about not understanding our drawings. Their design is easy to understand, even for novices who are building swimming pools.
Second, we also provide a complete list of filtration equipment to be installed in swimming pools and pump rooms.
Third, the whole construction and installation technical support. You are afraid of lack of skills to build a swimming pool. If necessary, we will be with you during work to provide you with technical support.
In short, once you participate in the GREATPOOL design project, you will be able to understand how your swimming pool works; the hydraulic diagram clearly shows the location of the pipes, and all the valves and equipment in the pump room are mentioned

An swimmning pool drawings includes

Site plan

The situation of your project: We will show you the exact location of the swimming pool based on the topographic map.

swimming pool design

The design of the swimming pool

Thanks to this drawing, you will be able to perform structural engineering correctly. Indicate all measured values to avoid errors. This section clearly shows the different depths of water and the stairs leading to the swimming pool.
The design of overflow troughs and gutters are marked; usually, we will attach detailed information so that workers can better understand.
Our experience shows that the use of color makes the drawing more readable; this is especially true for infinity pools.
In short, every detail of ours is vital to the realization of your swimming pool drawings.

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From the pool to the equipment room

On the general plan of the pool, we drew the different piping layouts connecting the pool accessories and the equipment room .
For ease of understanding, we have used different colors and accurately marked the location of each accessory; there is no risk of error.
In order to facilitate the work of plumbers, we reasonably organized all the pipes leaving the swimming pool.
Finally, this piping layout can let you know the location of each pipe; this might be useful someday.

equipment room design

In the heart of the filtration

The equipment room is sometimes overlooked by pool professionals because it is invisible; however, this is the core of your installation. Thanks to it, your pool water will be clean and properly treated. In infinity pools, safety devices must be installed.
The installation drawing designed according to the precise size of the room shows all the pipes, necessary valves and equipment in the pump room. The necessary valves are provided and their locations are clearly marked. The plumber only needs to follow the plan.
As the owner of the swimming pool, this plan allows you to properly manage the filtration system.

Steps in achieving swimming pool plans


Discuss once, and then send documents, such as plot plans, environmental photos, and future swimming pool views.

2.Realisation of the concept plan

We will consider your wishes and dreams in order to realize a functional reality suitable for your land and its environment. This conceptual plan is the starting point for all drawings, and we will spend all the time discussing it with you.

3.The drawings

You will receive, in digital PDF format, all the swimmimg pool drawings to be able to build or have your pool built with complete peace of mind. We also add a quantity of filtration materials (parts to be sealed, equipment, ...)

4.After the swimming pool drawings

If you wish, we will provide different forms of support. You can learn about these services here.

FAQ about the swimming pool drawings


In which country do you work?

We work online and do not need to travel to help you. Therefore, we work world wide.

Why look for the help of Great pool?

We share our expertise with our customers, combined with the most advanced equipment and technology in the swimming pool industry. This is our 25 years of experience in the swimming pool industry. In addition, the program design we provide can make workers all over the world easily understand and directly implement it. We believe that you will appreciate our solution.

Will I be able to request quotes with your drawings?

Of course ! Our goal is that you take charge of your swimming pool project. With our drawings and the quantity of equipment, any mason and plumber can give you a quote. Of course, we advise you to request quotes from several craftsmen so that you can compare. You can also offer to buy the equipment yourself.

I have got an architect's plan; what else can you bring to me?

The plans provided by the architect are generally rough masonry plans; they sometimes contain detailed information specific to the overflow pond, but very little. In addition, the installation of pipes, fittings and filters is not indicated. Send us your plan and we will tell you how we can help you.


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